Cinderella Man Pt.2 (Changes and New Found Respect)

Recently has been a new turning point in my life.  I’m really working hard with myself and my life to straighten things out.
My OCD is getting better in a lot of ways, and I’m seeing a councilor that I was seeing a while back – again, my first appointment
went well and I really feel like I’m getting resolutions with myself and things that I dislike about myself.  For the longest while I’ve had
an issue with being me and where I am in life, but I’m starting to feel better about it.  I was told that everyone has their own journey in life
and that everyone’s success is different from the next person, and it’s good to have goals of what you want, but comparing yourself to
someone else’s success to feel like you have to emulate them and be them isn’t a good thing to do.

Be happy being you, and who you are.  The little things don’t matter and neither do what other people think of you.
You are you, and at the end of the day, the only person that can be you and do what you do is you, because in retrospect,
if you don’t like who you are, it’s self destructive, people love you for what how you act candidly, not for being like someone else or acting like someone else. 
Keep your head up and keep your head high, never stop being you.

I had to learn that the hardway.  I hated what I was and my self image, and I realized that people don’t love you for trying to be like someone else. 
People love you for being what you are at heart and doing your own thing, not because you’re trying to compare to the douchebags on Jersey Shore or toolbags who treat women like shit and don’t know how to handle a real relationship, because when you look at it, those people aren’t happy in their relationships.  People want someone who is going to be sincere to themselves and aren’t afraid to love themselves.  You are your biggest advocate, and if you can openly love yourself and feel comfortable in your skin, then that’s all you need.  Fuck what society thinks of you, fuck what people think of you, fuck what people say to degrade you for doing your own thing in your own life.  If everyone had the same eperience in life there’d be no such thing as individuality. 





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