A Useful Droid Application To Manage Your Torrents Remotely – Transdroid (Transdroid.org)


(image taken from Transdroid.org)

So a while back when I was surfing the market on my Android phone in between having to restore applications of mine that I had lost
in the many times I had to go and restore my phone, one of these applications,Transdroid was pulled from the Google market because of

“This is a notification that the application, Transdroid Torrent Manager with package ID org.transdroid has been removed from Android Market due to a violation of the Developer Content Policy. Please review the Content Policies and Business and Program Policies before you create or upload additional applications.”
 Transdroid  www.transdroid.org  http://www.transdroid.org/ (Accessed 12 September 2011)

Apparrently the reason it being pulled was because the application had a section where a user could scan a barcode and search torrent sites like EzTV for torrent downloads which is why it was pulled.


The app creator Erik Kok has put up the application on Code.Google.com for you to use, and it’s completely malware free.  The app doesn’t ask for too many permissions, probably 4 at the most – and they are nothing out of the ordinary – so if you Have an Android phone and want to use this or see more of this application check out the official site http://transdroid.org

Downloading the application: http://www.transdroid.org/download/

Downloading the Torrent Search libraries: http://transdroid.org/latest-search

And more guides for using the app here: http://www.transdroid.org/download/

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