#NowPlaying: OutKast – The Love Below – Some of my Favorite Tracks

Here are a few of my personal favorite tracks off of “The Love Below” by OutKast.

For those of you reading this on my Tumblr or WordPress or any other site, you may have to visit my Posterous to play them.

OutKast – Behold A Lady

_12_-_OutKast_-_Behold_A_Lady.mp3 Listen on Posterous

OutKast – Take Off Your Cool featuring Norah Jones

_18_-_OutKast_-_Take_Off_Your_Cool_(feat._Norah_Jones).mp3 Listen on Posterous

OutKast – Love Hater

_02_-_OutKast_-_Love_Hater.mp3 Listen on Posterous

OutKast – She Lives In My Lap featuring Rosario Dawson

_08_-_OutKast_-_She_Lives_In_My_Lap_(feat._Rosario_Dawson).mp3 Listen on Posterous

OutKast – My Favorite Things (Instrumental)

_17_-_OutKast_-_My_Favorite_Things.mp3 Listen on Posterous

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