The Nostalgia

My recent nights have made me feel nostalgic in a way. Nostalgic for people whom I haven't spoken with in a while. I miss the moments where I could look forward to the weekend, hanging with friends, playing video games, staying up all night and crashing during the day.. I miss it.

I miss the online conversations and chats,  skype convos, all of it that I look back on now with a certain someone.. I still have those convos with her, still email, and occasionally chat, but I miss how it was.. I love her, and she knows it.. But I don't think she realizes to the full extent of how much I love her.. We met online, but are much closer than just online. I've gotten to know her and between our disagreements and the times we would skype and laugh and have a good time… I feel much closer. The only thing missing, is her beside me..

I made mistakes, I've made lots of the same ones in the relationship we have. But no matter what happened, I always loved her, and always will love her.. I just hope she can realize how much I really do care…  One day, I just hope she sees that even far apart physically, I love her all the same.. And I care about her more than any girl i've had in my entire life…

Maybe she does know..

They say Time will make do everything, be it fix, heal or tell..  And all I can hope for is that Time is on my side..

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